All-Inclusive Fishing Lodges and Kayak Vacation Packages

Texas Kayak Safari brings a unique and immersive experience to the Texas coast with our guided all-inclusive fishing lodges and kayak vacation packages. Our Lodge packages offer a variety of fishing options, such as Spot N’ Stalk Fly Fishing, Big Water Fly Fishing, Trout and Redfish, Wade Fishing, Flounder Gigging, and more. These fishing packages generally require a minimum party of two and include comfortable lodging and provided homecooked meals. Our Kayak Pack Trip Safaris are offered in two various tours that explore unique Texas ecosystems and prime fishing locations. Additionally, our kayaking adventures offer a romance package that provides couples a remote outdoor getaway. All our all-inclusive fishing lodges and kayak vacation packages come with an expert wilderness guide to ensure your safety and the best insight on beautiful locations and the best fishing spots.