Geared Up!

Pack trip gear & high speed support boats are a serious investment and we take great pride in providing top of the line gear for your adventures like Feelfree & 3 Waters Kayaks; safety gear; comfort gear (like air conditioned tents on Romance Packages in the Summer months); shower & restroom shelters; lighted night fishing; and a fleet of watercraft to support and assist our groups with ease of movement.

Kayaking is a lot of fun; extremely versatile; and these short & long range Pack Trip Adventures are just amazing! Accessing locations deeper into the wilderness is assisted by our licensed Captains and Wilderness Guides/Watermen to get you in the heart of the coastal wilds; keep you safe, service your needs; and, offer a with a myriad of fishing and touring opportunities. From state of the art tents to comfort accouterments, we take pride in adding as many creature comforts as possible while still maintaining a "Leave No Trace" outdoor ethic.